6 Eco-Friendly Ideas for A Sustainable Valentine’s Date

Hey love bird!

Everyone knows that Valentine's is a holiday full of love & happiness...but it does come at a price to our planet. This can be explained by seeing the millions of cards purchased & sent that inevitably just end up in landfills. These adorable cards, although beautiful tend to be laminated in plastic & coated in embellishments made from plastic, so they mostly can't be recycled.

We ourselves at Aethereal believe that everyday should be a day to where you can show those you love just how much they matter but we sure are suckers for a cute Valentine's Day Date. Each year, most people spend hundreds of dollars on gifts that will eventually be thrown away. So why not make this year's V-Day one to remember while also being proud of the way you celebrated with that special someone or yourself because you can be your own Valentine? At Aethereal Shop we're all for self-care & treating yourself whenever you deserve it ! #SelfLove

So stay tuned & read below for your fave sustainable V-Day Date Ideas:

1. Baking

A true classic never hurt anybody. Chef it up in the kitchen & show yourself or your S.O. just how much they sweeten up your life by baking some cupcakes for them! Even better, just do it with them. If y'all aren't baking connoisseurs, that's okay. So long as it means you're trying new thigns togethere, learning new things together, or just plain having a blast together--you might even find that a couple that fails together, stays together!

While you're shopping just make it an effort to try & shop for greener ingredients with less plastic packaging & show Mother Nature just how much you love her, too!

2. Plan a Date to Your Local Nursery

Speaking from personal experience, this is a super fun idea! Aethereal is a duo, & between the two of us, Steph definitely has the green thumb. So this is for all the other plant moms out there, we hear you! If you think flowers are too cliché, a simple houseplant is just what you need.

For this date, there are two ways this can go: 1. You show them just how much you know them, by personally picking a befitting, beautiful little plant for them or 2. You head to a nursery & pick one our together. Number 2 is our fave because you can make a habit to create life together by seeing just how well you can tenderly care for your new botanical house member.

3. Have a Picnic

4. Couple's Spa Session

This one's for those stressed-out couples that totes need to unwind together. You can also do this with a friend, have a cute spa day with your homies! This is an experience with your partner that will have you feeling your best "never stressed". If you're going to a parlor, ask what kinds of oils they use. If they mention palm-oil just note that it isn't the best for the planet so consider seeking our a different place. 

Or if you're being pandemic precautious or trying to save some coin, that's okay too. Consider purchasing our Aethereal Lotion Candles & make your own spa at your own place! Just light a few candles, you'll instantly smell & feel the romance in the air.

4. Go Stargazing

A personal fave of mine. Who wouldn't want to stare into each other's eyes under the same stars? Find a location where you can get away from the city's blinding lights & madness & go for a drive. Bring warm drinks, blankets & snuggle up with your S.O. & remind them that they're special & out of the entire galaxy, universe you found them.

5. Support Small Business

This year, if you're going to be shopping around for that special someone (or yourself) consider supporting small shops. We put so much more love into our products & packaging that mass-produced companies. Also, most small business go green, which means their products are made with little to no use of petroleum based material!

You'll find that typically small-batch shops like us, are handmade which means that no piece ever truly comes out identical to another, so remind yourself or your partner that the piece you bought them is completely & utterly unique just like them.

6. Have a Night In

Plan a surprise stay-in evening, this makes it so much more special. Or plan it with each other. Pick out a board game, tune in on your fave film, order local takeaway or cook a gourmet meal & soak in the moment with each other. Make room for new laughs, tears of joy or hugs! Light a couple candles of ours & have yourself a romantic night to remember!


These are our tips on how to have a more eco-friendly Valentine's Day!  We'd love to hear from you. Just check out our social media & tag us on your super cute V-Day Plans!