How to Help the Environment

The only planet we have should be protected at all costs. Becoming an environmental warrior doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be chained to tree for 5 straight days in protest of deforestation or go on a hunger strike to fight the rampant production of waste. Not to state that those aren't all worthy causes, but when you can't find the time to be eco-conscious to this extent, there are more subtle alternatives to give back to Mother Nature. Moreover, a healthy lifestyle and can often even be better for your wallets.
The most widely known ways to help the environment is to conserve energy & water use to the minimal while meeting your needs. The following are simple ways that you can become a more mindful person by helping the environment also. You'll be surprised at how much a small act can make a substantial positive difference to the Earth.
1. Bike to work, walk to work, use public transportation if proper precautions are taken during COVID-19 or carpool with a friend.
2. Shop virtually is currently the safest way to get your packages anyway so reduce carbon emission & lessening your carbon footprint by avoiding rushed shipping & selecting the carbon neutral option. Buy more items together to minimize shipments, and support brands with eco packaging etc.
3. Americans toss out 133 billion pounds of food each year which amounts to 40% of our food supply that goes straight to the trash. This means that if we were to reduce our waste output by not overbuying, overcooking or overproducing overall waste, we could be one step closer to solving world hunger & lessening the amount of landfills that will take centuries to compost. Learn to love leftovers, keep of your trash & create a compost pile.
4. Use less packaging by switching to reusable containers, utencils, cups, & shopping bags
5. Reuse & recycle repurposing empty candle containers by participating on our Re+Candle program.
6. Grow a green thumb by planting a garden, going to farmer's markets to support local growers, avoid high-flying foods, & make the switch to organic.
7. Shop mindfully by using vegan beauty products, vegan candles (wink, wink), go thrifting, avoid plastic water bottles, cherish the old stuff (upcycle it as much as possible), be more energy efficient for your own sake & for the sake of the planet.