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John Wick(ed)


Fragrance: Mahogany Teakwood

Kick some butt like the protagonist in this American neo-noir action-thriller. Inspired by the Baba Yaga, this ominous candle smells like woodsy musk enhanced by citrus & fruit topped with floral notes of jasmine, rose & lily. Smells a little like gun powder, bourbon & the manliest cologne. 

This lotion candle not only creates a calming ambiance & aroma, but also transforms into a soothing, warm, rich body lotion. Essential oils, organic oils and cosmetic-grade soy wax work to hydrate, calm, and heal your skin. Make the skintelligent choice for yourself. When purchasing, keep in mind that both the 8 oz candle & luxury 12 oz candles will contain a wooden wick. Includes a mini wooden spoon for application.

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