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Manifestation Spell Bath


This Manifestation Ritual Bath Soak has been meticulously crafted to aid you in manifesting blessings & attracting happiness into your life. The botanical and herbal ingredients in this mixture are traditionally used with intention of welcoming abundance. Our bath milk will leave you clear minded & your skin rejuvenated.

Each 4.5 oz pack is made with specific intentions to purify, cleanse & protect the person using it. This bath soak contains a blend of epsom salt, coconut milk, Dead Sea salt, baking soda & magnesium bath flakes. These base ingredients help in muscle relaxation, softening of skin, & removal of impurities from the body. Other contents include essential oils, bay leaves, chamomile, Himalayan pink salt, & lavender.

  • Bay Leaves are known to strengthening psychic awareness & purifying.They are known for protection, manifestation of good fortune & success. A couple drops from this essential oil will promote better sleep & relieving pain. 
  • Chamomile is known relieve anxiety, promote sleep, & ease skin conditions such as eczema. It is also an anti-inflammatory & pain reliever. It is thought to be an effective aid in meditation, spiritual growth & spiritual development in the psychic realm to help one focus on the universe by bringing clarity to the mind.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is naturally rich in minerals making it perfect for recharging weary bodies. It is known for relieving anxiety, helping rid of toxins & sooth aches by neutralizing toxins, negative energies, allergens & irritants. Due to its purifying properties, it is used in aura cleansing.
  • Lavender is known to encourage relaxation & serenity. This essential oil is perfect for those easing anxiety or depression as it uplifts & harmonizes the psyche. It brings balance in healing & strengthening one's emotional power.
  • Clear thoughts & add desired amount to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes or more to receive optimal healing benefits.
  • Manifestation Ritual: Write what you desire to manifest on a bay leaf. Burn the leaf while focusing how it would feel to get your wish. Let the smoke carry your desires into the universe!
    • When writing a desire or question & burning it: If the leaf crackles & burns brightly, then the outcome will be positive but if the leaf refuses to burn or smokes then the outcome is assumed to be negative.

Vegan + Handmade Magic

Please be aware that due to the nature of the product, salt may get shaken during the transportation and all ingredients may slightly mix.

Disclaimer: Statements contained have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease or substitute care by a medical practitioner. All claims regarding this product are per third part findings.  Please research all essential oils before using if pregnant or nursing. We suggest seeking professional medical advice if you feel necessary.

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